BlackSky Alerts – Outbreaks

In addition to tracking events related to Conflicts, Refugees, Energy, and Natural Disasters, the BlackSky Platform can also be used to alert on events related to Public Health – specifically disease outbreaks that register as anomalies in our system.  Here’s some examples of currently active BlackSky Outbreak alerts:

Measles Outbreak in Minneapolis – Somali immigrant community hit hard – an unprotected cultural demographic tied to fears of vaccinations causing autism:


Cholera Outbreak in Yemen – an unfortunate side effect of the prolonged fighting and civil disruption of the past several years:


Ebola Outbreak in Congo – a resurgence of the epidemic a few years ago.  Congo is also dealing with Measles and Cholera outbreaks:


Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak in Australia – linked to infected cooling towers at Melbourne suburban shopping center: