BlackSky working with AWS and Amazon Ground Station

BlackSky is thrilled to work with AWS as we bring our commercial offering to the public in early 2019. The BlackSky Global intelligence platform relies on our emerging constellation and our ground architecture to deliver timely, relevant and actionable data. The addition of the Amazon Ground Station to our ecosystem is a win-win for us and AWS.

“Working with AWS to incorporate the Amazon Ground Station product into our ground architecture has provided BlackSky with a new view into AWS innovation,” said Nick Merski, Vice President of Space Operations, BlackSky/Spaceflight Industries. “AWS listened to our inputs on price point and took into account our needs to influence the timing and approach to their service baseline. Amazon Ground Station provides important growth and scalability solutions for a global, self-service ground station-as-a-service.  This product seamlessly integrates with our AWS hosted ground architecture, enhancing BlackSky’s ability to deliver an unprecedented level of service to our customers.”

AWS and BlackSky share the goal of democratizing space and providing access to critical space data. The possibilities are truly endless – we want our customers to explore what they can do with this new wealth of information.

We believe the extraordinary power of BlackSky and the Amazon Ground Stations will help our customers change the world. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the release of our commercial offering in 2019.