Global-3 launch readiness underway

We are happy to report that our Global-3 launch readiness campaign is in full swing!  

The satellite has arrived safely at the Rocket Lab facility in New Zealand and the launch processing campaign is nearing completion. Everything is on schedule and we’ve handed over the satellite to the Spaceflight team to start integration with the Electron.

BlackSky’s Global-3 Earth-imaging satellite is the largest of seven spacecraft slated to launch on Rocket Lab’s sixth mission. Credit: Rocket Lab

The BlackSky operations team has also completed “Dress Rehearsal” for launch and early operations — all systems are go! We are happy to report that the Guam and Svalbard ground stations are also coming on-line as we’ll  be using both of them to support operations.

The payload fairing for Rocket Lab’s seventh mission, nicknamed “Make it Rain” in a nod to the high volume of rainfall in Seattle, where Spaceflight is headquartered, as well in New Zealand where Launch Complex 1 is located. Credit: Rocket Lab

This mission is the seventh Rocket Lab launch. It’s our first inclined launch (45 degrees) — an important step to illustrate to customers and stakeholders our ability to deliver unique high revisit monitoring services via the BlackSky product suite.  We are still tracking to a late June launch date.

We want to thank our team and our partners for their contributions in making complex and highly coordinated efforts likes these run smoothly. There are so many people working together to build, launch, operate, and support our product every day. It’s really fantastic to see all of the teamwork in action, as we prepare for another step towards achieving our mission of helping people understand the world with up-to-date, accurate and actionable information.  

Stay tuned for more updates, as we progress towards Global-3 launch and commissioning and it becomes the newest member of the BlackSky constellation.

— Nick Merski, Vice President of Space Operations, BlackSky