Supporting our Communities During COVID-19

Ever hear of the COVID-19 Mission? It wasn’t scheduled on our flight list either, but looks like we’re all aboard now. Since we’re all working side-by-side (that’s 6 ft apart, people!) on this mission to stop the spread of the virus, we at Spaceflight wanted to reward your efforts by sharing this light-hearted, hopefully once-in-a-lifetime mission patch sticker with you and your teams.

Our limited edition mission patch sticker!

While we are waiting for our schedules to get back to normal, we’d like to hear what you’re doing in your community to help out or to just share some good news.

Here’s our ask: Donate to a local organization who needs support right now (healthcare, food service, entertainment, schools — anyone struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic). Then, fill out our webform and tell us what you did, and we will send you 10 stickers.

We’d also love it if you Tweet us, tagging @spaceflightinc and use the hashtag #shareridesnotgerms. Or post on our Facebook page. Hurry – only while supplies last!

We’ll also take this time to give a shout to a great and worthy organization here in Seattle that would be grateful for support as they seek to help multiple nonprofits in our region:

We’re all in it together — let’s make a difference. Stay safe and wash those hands!

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